Global Restoration Foundation

Global Restoration Foundation (GRF) is a nonprofit whose goal is to use science and technology to remediate contaminated environments, improve human health of local communities, and promote local education and training. GRF was developed to focus solely on remediation projects in South America, but has expanded around the globe. GRF will undertake an initial site investigation, determine and co-ordinate available financing, and facilitate opportunities for education/technology transfer.  GRF works to promote cooperation amongst multiple entities including government agencies, communities, and stakeholders to evaluate benefits to the environment and the community.


  • Use science & technology to remediate contaminated environments
  • Restoration of the environment
  • Improve human health of local communities
  • Further education and training
  • Promote commerce and increase the standard of living

GRF Structure

  • GRF is a non-profit subsidiary of Environmental Risk Services (ERS)
  • GRF specializes in remediation of complex engineering/environmental projects
  • GRF is the only remediation foundation in the world
  • GRF is currently restructuring to become an Ecuador foundation

Community Benefits

  • Clean-up contaminated land for public benefit
  • Reduce human health risks and exposure to communities
  • Increase the value of the environment
  • Attract foundation grants to the community
  • Assure long-term stewardship
  • Insure against future liability
  • Create local jobs
  • Bring technology and expertise into the community