BRAC Services

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Experience

Supporting the transfer of Military Bases around the country

QRS and ERS have many years’ experience representing Local Redevelopment Authorities. We enjoy considerable success negotiating with military departments regarding the placement of environmental insurance on bases closing under BRAC. We were involved in the USA’s first Finding of Suitability for Early Transfer (FOSET) with privatized cleanup and insurance placement. We developed many of the components now used for such transfers and liability coverage.

QRS believes that key elements to obtaining optimum insurance coverage include:

  • Understanding our client’s specific needs
  • Understanding environmental risks and exposures at a scientific and regulatory level
  • Quantifying environmental liabilities through risk analysis
  • Presenting environmental exposures technically to underwriters
  • Creating a competitive marketplace
  • Developing specific insurance language
  • Negotiating policy endorsements with the underwriter
  • Negotiating retained conditions with the Military
  • Providing clients a total solution to resolving environmental exposures

With our BRAC success, we have grown and now provide our unique combination of insurance and technical environmental consulting to industry, developers, and governmental agencies. Our BRAC experience includes evaluating and resolving environmental liabilities at many military facilities that manufactured munitions and UXOs.