Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I & Phase II Site Assessments, Phase III Remediation

Identification and Remediation of Environmental Issues

ERS personnel have participated in the permitting and redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties for revitalization as new industrial, commercial, and residential land-use operations. Our clients include real estate developers, municipalities, ports, and industrial corporations. Typically, our services begin with facilitating the real estate transaction, continue with site characterization and remediation of the property, permitting, and at times, construction management of the development. Real estate transaction support services include:

  • Environmental liability assessment (Phase I and II evaluations – USEPA and ASTM compliant)
  • Remediation cost and schedule estimations to achieve closure and ready the property for development
  • Negotiation of environmental conditions, remedies, costs, etc. with regulatory agencies Remediation / Closure of environmental liabilities, services include:
  • Insurance negotiation and acquisition via our sister company, QRS, to reduce uncertainty
  • Characterization of contaminant sources and impacts to soil and groundwater
  • Quantification of risks to human health and the environment
  • Development of remedial action plans (RAP)
  • Closure of the environmental liability with cleanup and negotiated land use controls with the regulatory agencies

Phase I Enviromental Site Assessment

ERS brings considerable experience conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for all types of commercial, industrial, residential and federal properties. We understand the due diligence period is a challenging time for those involved in real estate transactions and ERS is available to facilitate and perform timely and comprehensive Phase I Environmental Assessments. We adhere to the industry recognized ASTM guidelines throughout all aspects of the Phase I ESA process. Our methodical process when performing Phase I ESAs enables us to identify any legitimate recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that may affect the transaction and not raise “red flags” that unduly complicate the due diligence process. ERS believes it is critical that the owner of the Phase I ESA be advised of the ramifications of the report conclusions, receive appropriate context, and understand the known implications of any identified real or historical RECs. ERS also performs Phase I Updates, Transaction Screen Assessments, and Tenant Audits to serve our clients’ needs. Transaction Screen Assessments provide the necessary environmental due diligence when site history is well known and/or are not a concern, and CERCLA protection is not needed.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

As potential environmental issues are identified, ERS is fully capable of evaluating the extent of contamination in soil and groundwater. ERS uses the best-available technology to investigate specific contaminants, the extent of surface or subsurface migration, and any resulting environmental and/or human health risks. ERS employs a staff of professional geologists and hydrogeologists to develop work plans, evaluate collected field data make cost-effective recommendations to our clients on how best to proceed with pursuing regulatory case closure.

Remediation (Phase III) Services

ERS has the professional knowledge and expertise to provide clients with cost-effective remediation strategies for sites with soil and groundwater contamination. We manage all aspects of remediation projects, from developing Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) for approval by overseeing regulatory agencies, to implementing various contaminant removal remedies. Our expertise includes soil excavation, groundwater extraction, soil vapor extraction (SVE), and conducting onsite / in-situ treatment methods such as activated-carbon, internal combustion engine (ICE), catalytic oxidizer (CatOx), and use of oxygen releasing compound (ORC®). Our team of professional engineers and geologists work together to manage and design remediation projects. We also have excellent working relationships with reputable contractors able to construct and implement remediation projects within established timeframes, budgets and regulatory requirements. ERS also has the ability to develop and provide oversight for implementing Soil Management Plans (SMPs) and Health & Safety Plans (HSPs) acceptable by regulatory agencies. Our Remediation services include:

  • Soil Profiling, Excavation Oversight & Disposal Coordination
  • Development and Implementation of CAP/RAP/SMP/HSP
  • Contractor Selection & Oversight
  • Design, Implementation and Management of Treatment Systems
  • Regulatory Agency Permitting, Interaction & Negotiation