Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies, Design, and Procurement

ERS retains licensed professionals, including, environmental, process, chemical, civil, and geotechnical engineers to design and implement various engineering applications for a variety of clients, including real estate developers, municipalities, ports, gasoline and diesel stations, former/existing power plants, industrial facilities, and mine sites.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Design:

  • Industrial, Municipal, Dewatered Groundwater, Surface
    Water, Acid Rock Drainage, Mine Process Water, and Ultrapure
    Boiler Water
  • Contaminants Include TSS, TDS, Metals (Fe, Al, Mn, Mo, Cu,
    Cd, Ag, Cr, Ni, Hg, Pb, Sb, Zn), Metalloids (As, Se), Anions
    (Sulfate, Chloride), TSS, TDS, Silica, Turbidity, Hardness,
    Nutrients (Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia/Ammonium, and Phosphate),
    BOD, COD, Oil/Grease
  • Major Technologies: Physical (Settling/Clarification, Depth
    Filtration, Membrane Filtration, Solids Stabilization),
    Chemical (Oxidation, Precipitation, pH/Eh Control, Coagulation,
    Flocculation, Ion Exchange, Electric Deionization, Chemical
    Softening), and Biological (Activated Sludge, Aerated Lagoon,
    Disinfection, De-chlorination)
  • Process Engineering/Feasibility Studies, Laboratory and
    Numerical Simulations, Pilot Testing, Detailed Design, PFD and
    P&ID, AutoCAD Drafting

Soil and Groundwater Remediation:

  • In Situ and Ex Situ Contamination Removal, Destruction, and
  • Technologies Practiced: Soil Excavation, Soil Vapor
    Extraction, Air/Ozone Sparging, “Pump and Treat” with Carbon
    Adsorption, In Situ Oxidation, Reductive De-chlorination,
    Monitored Natural Attenuation, Contaminated Soil Encapsulation,
    Wetland Sulfate Reduction
  • Contaminants: Petroleum products (Gasoline, Diesel,
    Hydraulic Oil), VOC, SVOC, Chlorinated Solvents (PCE, TCE),
    PCB, TOC
  • Alternative Evaluation, Field Pilot Testing, Detailed
    Design, Equipment Procurement, Construction and Installation,
    Operation and Maintenance

Water Resources Investigation and Water Supply:

  • General Geology and Hydrogeology Evaluation/Water Resource
  • Well Design, Installation, and Construction Management
  • Hydrogeological Characterization/Pumping Tests, Yield
    Analysis, Water Quality Monitoring, Modeling, Aquifer Storage
    and Recovery
  • Well Pump Selection and Sizing, Hydraulic Analysis, and

Other Engineering Services Practiced:

  • Stream and Lake Erosion Control and Storm Water Catch Basin
  • Geotechnical and Landfill Design
  • Dredging and Sediment Management
  • Mine Site Reclamation